Scania LT76

Scania LT76. This type is from 1963 with 225 hp, where the T stands for tandem driven, or a 6x4.

The nose and cab is made of brass and is not large in comparison to today's megaspace / grossraum cabs. Since this cabin offers very little space for electronics, it took some headaches to get rid of the motor, speed controller, 2.4GHz receiver, battery, sound / light set and 2 speakers. And the driver and crane operator also needed a spot.

The construction time is approximately 4 years.

For the model is used, among other things, Wedico steel cardan double-driven axles, with homemade pendulum.The front axle is the first type of Wedico, as it had to be slightly narrower than the drive axles. .

Behind the cabin a bracket is mounted, on which the mast of a crane can rest, so that it does not creak the cabin.

This type was widely used in road transport in the 1960s because of its reliable properties, and because of an excellent and easily accessible accommodation for the driver and any co-driver / crane operator.