Scania LBS140

Scania LBS 140.This is type from 1970 with 350 Hp, with the S for non-driven axle. So this is an 6x2 with retractable last axle. The cabin is made of brass. And include the typical 80’s accesoires, like Michelin doll, Holland Duck and Heineken beercrate

The construction time is approximately 3 years.

The model consist of Wedico chassis and parts, steel cardan axle, and a retractable non-driven rear axle (boogie-lif)t to save tyres when unloaded, and for extra traction at slippery road. The motor is a Robbe Outrunner with 1:4 reduction box, what drive the Tamiya gearbox to the 1:3 axle and will run full speed in third gear around 3km/hr. The V8 sound and light is controlled by Robe f16 transmitter with Beier USM-module. Also a lot of own construction and ideas finished this model as it is now.

This type reliable truck came in 1970 at market as the mighty “king of the road”, with 350hp, what a lot of truckmanufactures only could dream of. One year later, the others came also with same amount of horsepower.