Peterbilt 359 450HP

Tamiya “Kinghauler”, built in 1995, Driver is Robbe outrunner motor with 1:4 reduction, connected to the original gearbox. Sound and light is controlled by Robbe F16 transmitter with Tamiya MFU-01 (multi function module), with all electronics and speaker positioned in sleeper cab.

The construction time is approximately 4 months

Tamiya started this Peterbilt model in 1994 as 1ste truck kit with the name “King hauler’. The drive consist of a Robbe outrunner motor, combined with a1:4 reduction box, and mounted on the original Tamiya 3-gear box to the standard diff’s. Full throttle in 3rd gear do the truck not 14 miles/hr, but 1,5 miles/hr (a little more than my walk speed). Very handy, when you have to move yourself with truck through a hall or such distance. And there is another advantage, namely with this reduction of speed, it gives namely 9 times more torque.

The Tamiya sound&light module MFU-01 is controlled via transmitter Robbe F16. By smart position of speaker and MFU, the interior could stay almost original. Only the right chair had to make place for both the belonging vibration module & the co-driver (the dog). At the exterior, there is some more changed, namely all back wheels covered by fenders, and some light.