Nooteboom 3-axle low loader

This Nooteboom trailer was built between1996 and 1997 and is one of the first trailers in the Netherlands with electrically controlled axles. A servo is mounted on each axle, which is controlled by an electronic signal based on the position of the disk on the truck..

The choice for electrically controlled axles was made because the trailer also had to be extendable. The technology for generating the correct signal for deflection and center position has been mechanically resolved, so that a natural steering movement is made and no expensive prints are required. This method of control is also incorporated in models with steering axles from RMW.

Due to increasing electronic variants for controlling axes (such as DTAS and… ..), this system is referred to, as the Zado system (without all that nonsense NL/EN translation).

In addition to steering and extending, the gooseneck can be disconnected to load vehicles.


Length retracted:     840mm

Length extended:  1220mm

Width:                      190mm

Mass:                        6,3 kg

Load capacity:            10 kg