RMW Techno Scale Models

In Development

Nooteboom 3-axle Teletrailer

Wouter is currently developing a teletrailer based on ideas gained with the ballast trailer. The trailer is equipped with servo-controlled axle lines which are controlled by an electronic signal based on the position of the truck in relation to the trailer.

The technique for generating the correct signal for deflection and center position has been developed by Marc and has been mechanically solved so that a natural steering movement is made and no expensive prints are required.

Due to increasing electronic variants for controlling axles (such as DTAS and .....) this system has been referred to as the Zado system (without all that nonsense Dutch translation).

The trailer is an addition to Richard's fleet and is intended for transporting boom sections of the LR 1750.

Technical details:

Length retracted:     930 mm
Length extended: 1475 mm
Width:                          175 mm
Mass:      not yet known kg
Payload:          +/-15 kg

Under construction

Broshuis SL2 5-axle semi

In between, Richard is busy making drawings of a 5-axis semi. Just like the 3-axle teletrailer, the trailer is equipped with servo-controlled axle lines.

The trailer is intended to be able to transport the heavier parts of the LR 1750 during an exhibition. For some parts it must be possible to extend the trailer.

Technical details:

Length retracted:    893 mm
Length extanded: 1384 mm
Width:                           174 mm
Mass:                          +/- 5 kg
Payload:               25 kg